• About Pia Torp

    Psychotherapist, MSc in Law

About Me

People and their stories have always held great interest for me. Personally, I have an academic background (MSc in Law, University of Copenhagen, 1990) and a professional career spanning international corporations, NGOs, and entrepreneurial foundations. Since 2012, I have run an independent psychotherapeutic practice. Additionally, I am the founder of Chimalaya charity, where I have served as chairperson since 2010. The NGO Chimalaya operates a mother and child clinic in Bhaktapur, Nepal. 

I am a certified psychotherapist (2012) from ID Psychotherapist (4-year program, ID Academy). I am a member of the Danish Psychotherapist Association (MPF), the Danish and International Emotionally Focused Therapy Association (DKCEFT/ICEEFT), and the Association of Danish Couple Therapists. In 2022, I obtained international certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples from ICCEFT - The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy. 

Couples therapy is a specialized psychological method that requires thorough specific training. With the ICCEFT certification, I have specialized in EFT couples therapy. It always makes sense to start with our attachment needs and understand our own patterns and their impact on our lives and relationships. 

Your assurance of quality in my work comes from receiving professional supervision from psychologists including: EFT Supervisor Line Brøgger Mikkelsen, psychologist Lone Algot Jeppesen, the Danish Institute for Couples Therapy, World-renowned couple therapist psychologist, Jette Simon, Psychologist and sexologist Karina Kehlet, Vigy Fuglsang (NARM - Joseph Heller). I adhere to the ethical and professional guidelines of the Psychotherapist Association. 

My psychotherapeutic background is rooted in the foundation of ID Academy, which covers identity, psychosynthesis, existential psychotherapy, psychodynamic, humanistic, and cognitive therapy, as well as systemic therapy (family constellation). In recent years, my focus has been particularly on EFT and trauma psychotherapy (Gabor Maté / Peter Levine) 


  • 2024: Gabor Maté – Trauma, addiction, childhood trauma and development 
  • 2024: Sex therapist. systemic sex therapy, sex conversations with Karina Kehlet Lins 
  • 2024: Intro Breathe SMART with Jakob Lund 
  • 2022 - ongoing: Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield, Spirit Rock, CA, US 
  • 2009 - 2022: ICEEFT Certified therapist June 2022 / ICEEFT / Canada
  • Core Skills 1,2,3,4 in EFT couples therapy with Jette Simon, DKCEFT
  • Family therapy in the EFFT model with Jette Simon, DKCEFT
  • 1-year couple therapist training with Lone Algott Jeppesen, Danish Institute for Couple Therapy; Århus
  • EcCT course with therapist Hedy Schleifer
  • Relationship-Focused Therapy with Kirsten and Piet Seidenfaden/Danish Imago Institute
  • The masculine paradox with Esther Perel
  • The essence of therapy with Irwin Yalom  
  • Existence and happiness with HHH Dalai Lama
  • Mentalization with Jette Østergaard Hagelquist, Center for Mentalization, Århus
  • SE Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine (course)
  • Dream work with Ameyo Barfred Dixon
  • Systemic Family constellation with Liv Dhanyo Thommesen
  • Soulflow with Søren Hauge and Kenneth Sørensen
  • Reiki 1&2 with Reiki master Hanne Fritzbøger 

The mentioned couple therapy approaches are nationally and internationally recognized as valid, effective couple and relationship therapies. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples is an evidence-based couple therapy recognized by the American Psychotherapy Association (USA).

The ID Psychotherapist training is approved by The European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy (EAP) in London. 


My Personal Calling

I am chairwoman of the association Chimalaya Charity, which runs a health clinic in Nepal. The focus is to combat malnutrition and support newborns in getting a good start in life. I am concerned with the attactment angle and believes that the best thing we can give a mother is the opportunity to create a healthy attactment to her child.

Working in the third world gives me a sense of humility, love and understanding to see the light - despite difficult living conditions. I try to live by that myself and pass it on in my psychotherapeutic work.